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What’s New page shows and explains the functionality of new features in Sofvie Web App.


A redesigned Home Page laid out like a Dashboard where you can see your Action Items, Outstanding Targets, Open Actions and Open Incidents. You will also see charts for Hazards, Potentials and Actions. These charts display company wide data for the past 90 days

Under your personal information icon at the top right corner you will find a link to a Knowledge Base where you can find documentation and help on the different menu items. There is also a Forms section where you will find all form definitions.


Toolbox page to view your outstanding target submissions for the current month and the ones you have already submitted. You can also see all your previous submissions.

Positive Recognition

Thumbs Up icon with Positive Recognition. Don’t be shy to click to show you Like it !

Hazard Management

Hazard Management, formally known as Sites. View hazard statistics and charts with the option to filter the data.

Incident Report

You can now complete pending Action items with the status of ‘In Progress’ from within the Incident Report for quicker completion of incident task. Simply Double Click on the Action Item and a new ‘Complete Action’ widow will open allowing you to complete the action.

Form Submissions

Form Submissions, formally known as Data. View reports for all form submissions, company wide. They are conveniently grouped into categories.

VLF Audit

You can now hover over a form and a pop-up will appear with all the data without having to launch the report.

My Profile

My Profile page to view your employee information, training records, positive recognition, reviews and disciplines.


A new Administration section that includes employee access and targets. This section is for designated Administrators.

A new search feature on some reports to allow you to narrow down the list of users. Simply type in the first few letters of the last name or the entire last name in the search box.

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