VFL Audit

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The VFL Audit is a used to monitor the effects of Visible Felt Leadership and develop leadership abilities of direct reports.
A manager has three options for identifying the type of audit being performed; a singular audit, a maintenance audit, or a layered audit. It is important to differentiate and define each one of these audits as follows:

Singular Audit
A singular audit is a workplace interaction performed by a manager through direct interaction with the workforce. The manager is focused on having workplace conversations directly with employees. Through these workplace interactions, a manager can record identified hazards and improvement opportunities within the work processes. Employee interaction and engagement in the discovery process is essential in the singular audit.
Maintenance Audit
A maintenance audit is a walk around observation of your work areas and processes with no focus on workplace interactions with our employees. This audit can be performed singularly or with others to identify positive recognitions, hazards and improvements to be made in the workplace. A post audit meeting should be held with the person responsible for the area to review findings and understand why things are the way they are, get feedback for opportunities for improvement and provide coaching as required.
Layered Audit
A layered audit consists of two levels of the organization traveling together and inspecting workplaces and processes together. The purpose of this audit is for managers to observe direct reports while they interact with their direct reports through their daily workplace visits and conversations. The primary purpose of a Layered Audit is to understand the quality of safety discussions, work instruction and human interaction deliverd by direct reports. It provides opportunities for coaching and mentoring in the development of the direct report by observing interactions of direct reports with their employees.

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