On the Toolbox page you will see an overview of all your Outstanding forms with targets for the current month.

If you started a form and didn’t get to finish and submit it, you have the option to save it as a Draft.

If you have any you will see them in the Draft Forms section.

In the All Forms section you will see all the forms you have access to.

There is also a FLRA button and a PRE-OP Check button. These features will be available in a future release.

To complete an Outstanding Form:

1.Click on the form name and a blank form will open up for you to complete.

To complete a Draft Form on the form name and a form will open up with all the information you put in before you saved it as a draft.

3.The forms in the All Forms section are conveniently grouped, click on the arrow to expand and click on the desired form name.

Once the form is complete you have the option to submit it or save it as a draft

To be able to submit, all required fields must be filed:

1.If you are missing some required information you will not be able to submit and the form will show you the missing information in red.

If you aren’t sure what to enter in a required field, save the form as a draft and come back to it once you have all the information.

2.Before submitting your form, you also have the option to add a Positive ID or Hazard Action to most forms by clicking on the desired button.

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