Incident Management

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Submitted Incident Form Management.

All forms submitted from the tablet will be held in the Unassigned Incident Forms section of the module.

This will allow for multiple incidents to be created and managed with no overlap in Incident Numbers.

1.Select a checkbox of a Form then select the Assign To dropdown menu to assign Unassigned Incident Forms to a New Incident or Existing Incident.

2. If you select New Incident a new Incident Report with Incident Number will be created.

If you select Existing Incident a pop-up window will open and you can select the existing incident number to assign the form to.

Incident Reports

1.Click anywhere on the line of an Incident # to open the Incident Report in a new window and make desired modifications (See next slide)

2.Click this icon to view the complete Incident Report in a new read only window.

You can also print the report or save a copy from here.

Incident Reports

All assigned forms collected are accessible and categorized for ease of information access.
You also have access to Root Cause Analysis form, Corrective Actions form and Sign Offs.

The folder structure consists of:

  • Incident Report
  • Training Records
  • Five Point Cards
  • PreOp Slips
  • Risk Assessments and Procedures
  • Pictures
  • Statements
  • Correspondence
  • Other Info

  • Adding Files

  • Select the category on the left menu to which you want to add a file
  • Click the Add Files button
  • A pop-up window will open and you can select a file from your computer (If you wish to add more than one file from the same folder, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the other files).

  • Training Records

    In the Training Records section, you can add files two different ways:

  • By selecting Files from computerand selecting the file(s) you want to upload
  • By selecting Records from Viewpoint to import them

  • Training Records

    Importing Records from Viewpoint:

    After you’ve selected the Records from Viewpoint from the ADD button, a selection screen with employee names will pop-up

    1.Select the checkbox in front of the employee’s name for whom you want to import their training records. You can select multiple employees

    2.When you are done selecting, click the Generate Training Records button.

    Training Records

    Importing Records from Viewpoint:

  • The process will take time depending how many are selected. If you don’t see the file right away, it’s OK. You can continue to work on the incident while it’s collecting the information.

  • Once complete, you will see the reports show up like below.

  • This report will include the employee’s latest training record information from Viewpoint.

  • You can also rename the file for better reference by hovering over the name and selecting the pencil icon and typing a new name.
  • Pictures

    The pictures taken during the form creation will live in the report.

    If you need to add more pictures from additional findings through the investigation process, you can do so under the Pictures section.

    1.Click the Add Files button and attach the pictures from your computer.

  • You will see them in thumbnail view for ease of access.

    2.As you can for files, you can also rename pictures for better reference by hovering over the name and selecting the pencil icon and typing a new name.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Remember the 5 WHY’s!

    1.To get in the detail of the investigation, click +Add New link.

    2.To Edit and open Root Cause Analysis form, click on the down arrow and then the pencil icon to edit

    Root Cause Analysis.

    Once the form is launched, you will be prompted and guided through the process to make sure all the information is properly added.

    You will now have the option to escalate the incident if need be based on the Preliminary Report and what you have learnt.

    Corrective Actions.

    1.To add corrective actions or prevention actions, click the +Add new link

    2.Click this icon to launch the report in a new window.

    This form is the same as the Hazard Action form on the tablet. It will however be flagged as an Incident based action item in the Actions table.

    All actions created inside the incident will be displayed with a Status of In Progress or Complete.

    Corrective Actions.

    1.You can now close an Action Item that has a status of In Progress by double clicking anywhere on the line.

    2.A new window will open and you can complete the form and click the Complete Action button.

    Finalizing and Reporting.

  • The Sign Off section is at the bottom of the main Incident screen.
  • You can only Sign Off if you have the security permissions to do so.
  • You can only Sign Off if all Root Cause Analysis forms are complete and all Actions are complete.

    Once the Sign Offs are collected by at least one party, the Root Cause Analysis form will be locked and no further editing will be allowed.

  • Finalizing and Reporting.

    Once Sign Off is complete, you will be able to launch the report from the main Incident list. The report will compile all information from the Preliminary Incident, Preliminary Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Actions and Sign Offs and display them in 1 report that you can submit to all interested parties.

  • Click the icon to launch the report in a new window.

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