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On the Home page you will see your Action Items, Outstanding Targets, Open Actions, Open Incidents and Documents to Review.
You will also see charts for Hazards, Potentials and Actions.

Action Items

1.Double click on an Action item to open the Complete Action window.

2.Click this icon to open report in a new window.

Complete Action

1.Click the Browse button if you want to add pictures or files

2.Fill out the form and click Complete Action to submit

My outstanding targets

View at a glance of your Outstanding Targets and your previous Submissions

My open action

1.Select checkbox then the Export dropdown menu to export it to Excel or CSV file.

2.Double click on a Hazard/Action item to open the Complete Action window

Open incident

We will go over incidents more in depth in the Incident Management menu.

We are continuously entering historical data which will affect your Open Incident numbers.

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