What We Stand For

Our values help us stay aligned, drive our motivation and keep us moving forward.


We declare that we will create new realities.
You can expect us to reimagine the future.
We stand for transparency and integrity.
We are committed to being daring and agile.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help you save missteps and minimize the risk of inefficiency and uncertainty in the workplace – keeping the safety of the worker at the forefront. Our goal is to help you create a safer today and tomorrow.

We have a belief that everyone deserves to go home safely from work. Sofvie was built on the notion that a safe and well-managed work environment is the right of every worker. Sofvie gives you the ability to proactively get ahead of hazards and potential risks through transforming data into knowledge and wisdom.

Through creating transparency and engagement among all levels of the organization, Sofvie will connect and inspire people to work safely.

By implementing Sofvie, your organization can also reduce your carbon footprint as well as operational and storage costs – accelerating your workflow in a fast moving business landscape.

How we got to where we are today


All team members are collaboratively engaged and the vision is polished for commercial launch! The release of Sofvie 1.0 is scheduled to be available globally for the second half of the year.

The team continues to grow organically to support growth and development on all fronts.


Sofvie Inc. is ready for business and the team grows by 500%, creating new departments and adding more members to existing teams. This vision is set to be commercially available in 2020. A new, simple, and modern theme is applied to the web application, improving the overall user experience. New modules and experience-enhancing features are added.

The product and services are defined and introduced in full capacity to clients that have adopted the platform early-on.


The decision is made to accelerate the project and move application development in-house. The first version of the front-line mobile application is designed and developed. The plan to create a cleaner and more stable solution is set in motion.

The Sofvie team is born and the drive to create the best collaborative intelligence platform is now stronger than ever.


After being used on a daily basis by the workforce for an extended period of time, the application becomes more than a data collection and reporting tool. The application is now regarded as a culture enhancing, transformative safety solution with great potential for growth.

There is now a constant and consistent demand for new features and components to be added.


A proof-of-concept application is built with the help of a third-party development team and software solutions. Numerous ideas, features, and concepts are created and tested. With a heavy focus on workplace safety, the most valuable and impactful of those features are expanded and polished. The front-line supervisors adopt the application and provide valuable feedback.

There is a substantial breakthrough with the decision to make all information and functions available both online and offline.


The discussion about the need to have a digital tool that would enhance the safety and risk management culture within a company quickly transforms into a full-blown project.

A handful of experienced and dedicated safety professionals, engineers, and front-line workers formulate a plan of action and start exploring different paths to tackle pain points front-line up.


We aspire to develop long-term relationships with industry leaders transcending various sectors to create a network of collaborative intelligence. From junior companies to large corporations, together we pave the way for the future of safety and risk management.

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